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"The 24 Character Strengths are a common language that describes what is best in human beings."

- Ryan Niemiec (Character Strengths Interventions, 2018)

Character Strengths

 Recent research in positive psychology suggests that skillful application of signature strengths is connected with well-being (Niemiec, 2018). 

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I love the presentations because strengthening my character can be applied to so many areas in my life: classwork, friendships, self-care, family, fun, stress-reduction, and more. Learning about character strengths is personally relevant, practical, and engaging--a very rewarding combination. --Mona

I learned that it is more important to be a kind and well rounded student than it is to have the most impressive resume, grades or test scores.     --Kelly Everin

"I think that character strengths are really important to study because we often focus on the negative parts of ourselves and not the things that we do well. Through these lessons I've learned how to appreciate my strengths for what they are and how to use them for good in the future." - Adair Treadway

 In my Child Psych class, learning about character strengths helped me gain a greater understanding and awareness of myself. Studying these strengths in school is part of a larger journey that every student experiences throughout their youth: finding themselves. -Dilara Dokmecioglu

Character studies is really important but my biggest takeaway from it all is that aspects of your character aren't necessarily "fixed". Everyone can learn how to and grow and cultivate aspects of their character for more meaningful living. Through the other general classes at school, we learn about the world but by attending these character strength presentations, as well as the Child Psych class, I've learned more about myself and how to understand this world.
-- Lila Ablimit

An important thing I have taken away from the lessons I attended is a new mindset towards life and the science behind how that attitude can benefit me and others -- Ryan Cotter

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