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June 19th

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I just completed my 23rd year of service as a public high school social studies educator. I have been rewarded by the hard work and numerous responsibilities that stretch far beyond grading and lesson planning. National conversation abounds about the value of Social-Emotional Learning in schools. Traits, personality, non-cognitive skills, life skills, social and emotional learning (SEL) and character education are all widely used labels in our schools today. Schools have invested in a variety of programs to promote positive character development often linked to outcomes including; increased well-being, academic achievement, and, most notably preventing disastrous consequences. Labels are prevalent in schools and among educators, however, the deliberateness with which these labels influence teacher decisions to utilize teachable moments to promote character development varies widely. I have been reading compelling scholarship and, I, am curious about ways to make this work more accessible, without institutional affiliation, much of this compelling work remains behind paywalls far removed from classroom teachers.   

This summer, I plan to connect with schools to begin to effect transformative change by making a small adjustment to their existing school database. A modest survey of database administrators revealed that this change, to populate a subfield for highest strengths, is doable and will not cost districts additional money. This work will be part of my Mighty Project, LLC. I plan to blog daily about this journey.

Disclaimer: I have never blogged before; my website domain change happened before I had fully developed my new site; my social capital is not as expansive as others connected to elite institutions. However, we all have the power to effect positive change.

Day 1 June 19th, 2016

Maybe small adjustments can work after all.


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